I leave on Friday and I still haven’t packed…

Published November 27, 2012 by ElisaChristy

There are many things I could have called this blog. I nearly called it “How not to learn Italian” but considering that this time round, I’m only going to be in Italy for two days, I don’t think that’s enough time for anybody to learn Italian…

I decided in this one, simply because I am hardly known for giving good advice in any area of life. I’m going travelling for a month, while I have no idea whether any of the places I’m staying will have internet, I can always save the posts up and release them into the wilds of the internet when I can, especailly now I have a Shiny Shiny Macintosh laptop – though it’s only mine for a month apprently. Not that I have any idea how to use it and considering my track record with computers this year (this is my fourth).

But whatever the name is, and whether or not I decide to change it in the near future I’ll be writing it as I go and (hopefully) learning some wisdom that no-one should take along the way.


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