Wifi is alive again!

Published December 4, 2012 by ElisaChristy

So it’s been a while since I last posted, because the internet in the last hotel seemed to work for everyone except me! 

Anyway, France and the Moulin Rouge especially were well worth seeing, and right next door to the Moulin Rouge, is a bar called O’Sullivan’s. As it’s an Irish bar, there are english barmen, so much better than trying to order alcohol in french! The set up of the bar is quite strange, at the front is seats and stuff, there’s music playing quite loudly but other than that it’s kind of like a pub. There’s another room, with a dance floor in it and it’s like a proper night club, so you can easily spend your entire night there, instead of having to go to a pub and then a bar and then a club. Next time I come to France, I will definitely go back there for a night out, now I know where it is!


When we arrived in Switzerland, it was snowing, and seeing as quite a few people on this tour are Australians who had never seen snow before, it made me feel quite experienced, even though my basic reaction to any amount of snow is still “Oh my god snowmen!” And we never seem to have enough snow in the uk to actually build snowmen (or not proper big ones anyway) It’s nice to know I’m still more experienced with snow than some people in the world.

We were in Switzerland for two nights where I managed to buy half of my christmas presents for people, which also means my suitcase has suddenly become smaller…

We are now back in France for one night before going to Barcelona tomorrow morning. We’re staying in a chateau for the night, it’s in the middle of a forest and if any of the hotels we’re staying in are likely to be haunted, this one is probably it!


0 comments on “Wifi is alive again!

  • Sounds like your having a lovely, interesting and educational time 😉 sorry I went off the radar before you left but I’m pretty pleased I’m getting an update about your travels sent to my inbox on a regular basis 😛
    hope the past couple of days since writing this last post have served you well madame and that the ghosts left you well alone hahaha xxx

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