When in Rome…

Published December 11, 2012 by ElisaChristy

So over the past few days I have been through Florence and Rome. In Florence, we were taught how to recognise real leather from fake leather – and it has nothing to do with being able to burn it! Apparently real leather can burn, and we were shown what happens to leather when it burns – it turns into what looks like a leather bubble wrap thing, not pretty. Instead what you have to do is check the other side, if it’s a jacket you can separate the lining from the jacket and if the other side of the leather feels smooth, it’s real if it feels rougher, then its got suede on the other side and is fake. Not sure how much call I’m going to get for that skill in my life, but it’s good to know.

I also bought myself a puzzle ring from Florence – they are four rings which are linked together, but if you take the ring off your finger then the rings fall apart and can only be put back together in a certain way, it is almost impossible to do unless you know how! They are sold with instructions, but even the instructions are quite confusing – I haven’t taken mine off yet, so I’m sure when I do it will take me at least two hours to figure it out!

The story behind the puzzle rings is that when a Turkish King came over to Florence with his six wives he wanted to know whether any of them were cheating on him, so he had the rings designed so if any of his wives took the rings off for cheating purposes, they wouldn’t be able to put it back together correctly and he would be able to see who had cheated on him. I think he had trust issues.

Today was Rome. And the colosseum. The colosseum is huge. And as I am under 26 and from the EU only 7 euros 50 for me to get in instead of 12! I did think that it was going to be an empty arena, with seats all around like it was when the gladiators used it, but no the arena is gone and what you can see is the underground part of the arena, so you can see where the gladiators prepared themselves for battle and where the animals are kept – from afar of course. In Rome there really is just ruins on every corner, apparently they have been trying to build a third line for the metro since the 70’s but it is still unbuilt because everywhere they try to dig they find ruins of various ancient buildings, which shows just how much history there is in Rome – its literally everywhere!


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