Venetian masks are my new obsession…

Published December 15, 2012 by ElisaChristy

And they are a relatively cheap obsession to have. I bought four for various people at home, for 2 euros 29 each, and bought myself one with a handle on it – admit it, you want one so you can pretend you’re in a Shakespeare play, even if you don’t like Shakespeare – the handle meant it was slightly more expensive at 12 euros. Later in the day I decided I wanted another one for myself – I told you it was an obsession – but this time with a ribbon, which are the cheaper ones, so me and my friends could have a proper masked ball at some point in the future! There are more expensive masks for about 80 euros or even over a thousand! My obsession hasn’t reached those heights (yet) They didn’t look much more impressive than the cheap ones, so they are really the way to go.

Venice was a lot colder than I expected, but totally worth going at this time of year, because you actually get to see things, as everywhere isn’t filled up with tourists like me. It is also worth being cold if you go on a gondola, as you can drink alcohol on the gondolas – wine and a trip down the canals of Venice is definitely the way to travel. In fact I want to travel everywhere that way from now on.

The main shopping place in Venice is the Rialto bridge, there are so many different ways to get there and back to St Marc’s square, that locals have taken to writing directions on the wall in graffiti – if you are in Venice and you find graffiti on the wall saying per Rialto this way, then you end up in a seemingly dodgy place – keep going! You are going the right way! The locals have just made their lives easier by writing on the walls, so you don’t have to keep asking them!

Venice was the main place I wanted to go, and I think going in winter is worth it, although I would love to come back in the summer when it’s warm, and I can buy more masks! Seriously, my love for the masks grew throughout the day, maybe I’ll have to start going to Venice once a year and start a collection of cheap Venetian masks…


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