Sixteen things to do in two days…It won’t happen will it?

Published January 26, 2013 by ElisaChristy

Although updating this for the first time in two weeks is one of them, so technically I have one down already. This is more of a random update than anything else, while I am planning on going travelling again sometime this year (Greece in the summer) until then, I’m not sure how I can write a travel blog without doing any travelling…so I may change the name, which would be a shame as I like this one. In the next few weeks I may be moving house, which is travelling of a sort I suppose.

While I am not travelling however, and am instead staying firmly in one place, that is no reason for nothing to happen. Over the next few weeks, I may be trying out some recipes on here (I have a whole book of recipes, about half of which I’ve never tried, so that should be interesting) and book or film reviews. As I am currently reading Cloud Atlas, which I haven’t even finished and already think is brilliant. SO the next post will be more entertaining than this one, for now wish me luck on doing te other fifteen things I should do by Monday!


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