To do list, shma do list

Published February 24, 2013 by ElisaChristy

In an attempt to try and get more things done, I have taken to writing myself to do lists: one for the week and another for the weekend, however, rather than actually cutting down on the amount of things I have to do, as I thought and hoped it would, instead it turns out there are so many things in my life that are on-going that at least half of my to-do list each week is taken up by the exact same things as last week! Things such as searching job websites and housing websites – as I am supposed to be moving in with one of my friends, as soon as we find a place we can afford. This also means that even though I am doing everything on my to-do list each week, I still feel as if I am getting nowhere, because the next week I have to do exactly the same things!

At least some of it is my fault though, I admit. As the self-confessed Queen of Procrastination (I once spent 5 hours cleaning my house at uni, to avoid writing one 1500 word essay, which wasn’t even difficult.), writing down everything I have to do has made me realise what stuff I put off. For example, if I had a form I had to fill in and post, I might just write on my to-do list: “form” I know, that I need to fill it in, and I know which form I mean, so further instructions aren’t necessary, but once I have filled that form in, I will think to myself: “Well now, I’ve filled it in, it doesn’t need to be posted until next week, so I can cross it off.” Meaning it is still on my to-do list for the next week, though now I just have to make sure I post it, even though I could have done both things at once the week before.

However, admitting you have a problem with procrastination is the first step to recovery! Writing everything down that I have to do has made me realise that I usually only do a little bit of a thing, before I deem it as ‘complete’ for the day, I evidently only think of one part of a project at a time, even though I have no reason not to do the second part of anything, other than my own laziness. I think to-do lists are extremely helpful, just not when they end up being the same things to do every single week!


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