I’ve already lost my keys and I’ve only lived here three weeks…

Published May 30, 2013 by ElisaChristy

So first post in over a month, but while this may make my life seem uneventful it has in fact been the opposite for the past month. In the past month I have moved house to a place where I a) don’t have a job and b) didn’t have hot water for the first week, which shouldn’t matter all that much in May…if the weather didn’t seem to be in preparation for the next ice age.

Now we have hot water (yay) and as of two days ago have finally got the internet sorted, so I can put my procrastination skills to good use again.

Now I have moved, I will be starting to put up some more posts of recipes, writing etc.especially while I don’t have anything else to do except beg people to let me work for them and have my begging answered by stony silence or complete laughter. So more posts are coming!

Oh and I still haven’t finished Lord of The Rings!


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