Books My Mother Gave Me: Introduction

Published July 4, 2013 by ElisaChristy

As a child, my mother would read to me and my brother every night, which may also be true for a lot of other book lovers.

But, my mother hated the classic children’s books that children were expected to be read such as “Wind in The Willows” – a book I read to myself aged six and can kind of see her point. She didn’t want to only read us the sort of books author Lemony Snicket always tells you to read instead of his.

While she did read us our fair share of Alice in Wonderland and endless fairytales, she also read us less well known children’s books such as “The Land of Green Ginger” “The Children of Green Knowe” or poems by Hilaire Belloc and short stories by James Thurber  – whose story “The Night The Bed Fell” I am certain my brother and I made my mother read to us every night for an entire year.

While I can remember being read all these stories quite clearly, I’m not entirely sure I remember the stories themselves, just the titles. What’s more, I often wonder what I would make of the stories if I read them again now, so I intend to do so.

Starting with: “Half Magic” by Edward Eager I will reread some of the many books my mother read to me and review my thoughts on them here, now I am an adult (technically).

Hopefully, provided my procrastination skills are kept in check, the first review should be ready to put up here by Monday.


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