Books My Mother Gave Me: Seven Day Magic (Edward Eager) Review

Published July 29, 2013 by ElisaChristy

Seven Day Magic is the first of the books not to follow either the Half Magic children or any of their descendants. Instead Half Magic is referenced as a book itself by the characters.

Five children: Barnaby, Abbie, Frederika, Susan and John find a mysterious book in the library, on the way home they realise the book is mainly blank, but the first few paragraphs are about them – the first few paragraphs are repeated to illustrate this point.

The book is due back at the library in seven days, so to fill up the book they must wish for adventures.

“They’re sort of doorways into the real world. We’ll always get in if we can. Only there aren’t many doors left.”

As it is a magicĀ book it seems to take them on book adventures, such as to the land of OZ before it was called OZ – It is never fully explained whether it is OZ or not, the characters think it is, but the reader can decide for themselves.

They are also taken to the town from Half Magic, but arrive just after the end of the book. It does make it believable as it’s a book the reader is likely to have read, but at the same time makes you think Half Magic was only a book rather than real life.

“Maybe it made only book magic because it was a book itself.”

After various book based adventures, the five children decide to try and get it to do some “television magic” and get their father famous as he is a backing singer on a TV show. The book does not like being made to do “television magic” and seems to make the wish go wrong when their father gets fired – but later Abbie meets a writer who wants someone to play the lead part in a play and makes him consider her father – it’s never fully explained whether that was part of the magic, or just luck, but I think I prefer it that way.

Eventually the children have to take it back to the library, when they do the book now has a different title of: Seven Day Magic – whereas before it was blank – it leaves it open ended for the reader to decide whether you have picked up the book of someone else’s adventures or whether you could go to the library and the book would be empty again for someone else to fill up.

I think I enjoyed this book more when I was younger when the plot twist at the end might have been more of a surprise to me. I like the idea that you have picked up the book they made and are reading their true adventures, but also like the idea of me being able to find the book and have it be blank so I could write my own adventures and can’t decide which I would prefer.

This sort of thing never annoyed me as a child.


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