Books My Mother Gave Me: The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark (Jill Tomlinson) Review

Published September 9, 2013 by ElisaChristy


This is the first book I have re-read which is probably meant for younger readers, although all the books I’m reading are for children; this one is probably aimed at five year old’s and under. Which is about the age I was when I was first read it.

I do not know whether this book was bought because I was afraid of the dark or whether we already owned it. Anyway the book follows an owl named Plop – which is a very entertaining name at five, but seems to describe his landing skills rather than anything else – as he asks people around him about the dark, so he can learn about the dark and stop being scared of it – which would make his parent’s lives much easier.

The Chapter names reflect what Plop leanrs about the dark with names such as “Dark is Exciting”, “Dark is kind” or “Dark is necessary” etc. depending on what Plop learns about the dark in each chapter.

“‘What do you know about the dark?’ ‘It’s black,’ said Plop. ‘Well that’s wrong for a start. It can be silver or blue or grey or lots of other colours, but almost never black.’

As Plop finds out more about the dark, he starts to like all the things you can only do when it is dark such as set off fireworks, but he still doesn’t like the dark itself, but slowly he stops minding being left on his own while his parents go out hunting.

“‘Dark is kind in all sorts of ways. Dark hides things like shabby furniture and the hole in the carpet. It hides my wrinkles and my gnarled old hands. I can forget that I’m old in the dark.'”

As the book is aimed at younger children it is very short, it took me less than 24 hours to finish.

This book was definitely a book I remembered being read. I’m sure I must have had it read to me more than once, while it may not have actually stopped me from being afraid of the dark myself, (I still am a little bit) it was a book I occasionally re-read myself long after my mother stopped reading to me, because it is a good book to read if you are scared for any other reason – such as from watching a horror film. And if an owl can be scared of the dark, then it’s alright for me to be scared of horror films and read this to recuperate after watching them.


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