Books My Mother Gave Me: Dragonrise (Kathryn Cave) Review

Published November 18, 2013 by ElisaChristy

This book is definitely either a book for younger children or for children to read themselves as the writing is very simple and the story easy to follow.

“When sunlight fades and starlight flies/Look west to Wales/For Dragonrise.”

The story is about a boy called Tom who finds a dragon underneath his bed, at first he befreinds the dragon, but as anyone who has ver read fantasy knows – dragons like to eat maidens, or damsels or girls and this particular dragon wants to eat Tom’s sister, therefore Tom must stop him by finding the dragon alternative food.

As most people are unaware of the existence of dragons and the dragonwatch wish to keep it that way, then dragony things such as breathing immense amounts of fire at nightfall – known as Dragonrise – are strictly forbidden punishable by Being Sent To Wales, which is apparently the worst thing that can happen to a dragon.

“No matter how Tom tried to make the day pass quickly, the clock went on ticking at its normal speed and not a second faster.”

The writing is simple but enjoyable for any age, so is a good book for reading to a child as well as the child reading it themselves. I don’t know whether it is the fact I lived in Wales for three years, but I find the dragon’s hatred of Wales much funnier than I should, I’m sure.

The plot is simple and resolved in a few pages really at the end and without giving away too much of the plot the book definitely uses the Chekov’s gun principle of writing in terms of what Dragonrise is. So to paraphrase the writing method: You should not mention Dragonrise unless you are going to use Dragonrise before the end of the story. The method usually applies to play writing, but I’m sure it applies to books too.

The book is short, but this works in its favour and is quite a nice story to read in one afternoon as I did.


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