Books My Mother Gave Me: Prince Caspian (C.S. Lewis) Review

Published December 9, 2013 by ElisaChristy

While Prince Caspian may not be quite as famous as its prequel, it does tell a little bit more about the world of Narnia. The book still follows Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy as they go on their way to school. This time they are called into Narnia rather than walking into it as their help is needed. For them only a year has passed, which of course means in Narnia thousands of years have passed.

“‘In the stories it’s always someone from our world who does the calling. One doesn’t really think about where the jinn is coming from.'”

They are called out of Earth by the Prince Caspian who blew Susan’s horn from the first book, so as to gain help in the battle for his crown. A lot of the book seems to be taken up with them going places. There’s a lot of walking that takes them days, though this does give a chance for the back story of the book to be explained by various characters as they walk.

“‘That’s the worst of girls,’ said Edmund to Peter and the Dwarf. ‘They never can carry a map in their heads.’ ‘That’s because our heads have something inside them,’ said Lucy.”

The religious symbolism from the first book is still present here. Although many Narnians no longer believe in Aslan as it has been so long since he was seen in Narnia. The Pevensie children can be seen as prophets in this way as they try and tell that Aslan will definitely come to the disbelieving Narnians.

“‘Whoever heard of a witch that really died? You can always get them back.'”

A lot of the visual description from the first book seems to have been taken out to describe them walking and getting lost instead. Although there is still enough for it to be memorable. The description of places such as Cair Paravel and how it has changed over the thousand years since the children last saw it is definitely memorable.

Though the story may not be quite as unforgettable as The Lion, The Witch  and The Wardrobe, nor be the kind of book you remember even in you have never read it. It is a very good sequel to the first book bringing in new characters and keeping some of the old ones, so you feel as if you know what is going on from the very beginning.


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