Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Published March 1, 2014 by ElisaChristy

It’s quite complicated to map out on here, as I can’t change the font colour, but the story should still be do-able. Just find the number 1 options, and then the first three number two options, if you picked 1a, or the second three options if you picked 2b etc. Hopefully the story is still enjoyable! There is also a video of the story available here.

You awake in the forest with no memory. You know something must have happened for you to end up here, but no idea what. Your shoes have been removed and thrown in the branches of a nearby tree. You can also hear the sound of a stream coming from behind you.

1a) climb tree to retrieve shoes – You reach the top of the tree and see a cottage about a mile away. There is smoke coming out of the chimney, it looks like someone is inside.

1B) Go to stream behind you

1C) Walk deeper into the forest

2a) climb down tree and walk towards cottage – Someone is cooking food inside the cottage, you realise how hungry you are. You peer through the windows, whoever you thought you saw inside does not appear to be there at the moment they may have gone to get firewood. Do you:

3a) go in the cottage disregarding everything you’ve ever read about how dangerous cottages in the middle of woods can be.  You go inside and start eating straight from giant pot of food cooking on the stove, the food is delicious, you hear a noise that might be the door but carry on eating, someone walks up behind you and pushes into the boiling liquid. You are now Witch Stew.

3b) Wait for whoever lives in the cottage to come back and ask for food – You wait a long time, a very long time, in fact you are still waiting, waiting is your life now, waiting is all you remember.

3c) walk past the cottage in the hopes of finding whoever lives there – You come across a man cutting firewood with an axe, he takes one look at you and screams, it turns out you have a scar on your face, the man calls an ambulance for you on his mobile phone they take you to hospital and treat your injuries, but you never remember who you are or why you were in the forest.

2b) climb down tree and continue into forest – you are very hungry and thirsty, you should have gotten a drink from the stream. Just before you pass out you start to notice strange shapes in the forest. you awake at night and notice you are being carried. On opening your eyes, you see the same strange shapes you saw before you passed out Do you:

3d) Shut your eyes again and hope they go away – They are aliens and they perform a living autopsy on you, you should have kept your eyes open.

3e) Keep your eyes open and try to find out who or what is carrying you – You cannot tell what is carrying you, but they seem to be taking you aboard something. You see them in the lights of the ship you are now on and realise they are aliens, before you can do anything about it they knock you out again and experiment on you. They then leave you in the forest and you awake with no memory and three options for what to do.

3f) Scream like a normal person would. – They panic and drop you, running off. You remain lost in the woods all night and eventually decide to just build a cottage and live there out of stones. Now you live in the forest.

2c) climb down tree and wash mud off shoes in stream – you find an old rowing boat at the stream with a bottle of water inside it, you take this to clean your shoes and then fill it up with water to drink. Across the stream there is a worn path through the woods, that may lead to a main road. Do you:

3g) row the boat across the stream and follow the path to the main road – You reach the main road and attempt to hitch-hike. Eventually someone stops and asks where the hell you’ve been. It is your mother, you’ve been missing for three days. At least she said she was your mother as you climb into the car.

3h) wade through the stream – it’s not that deep – to the path instead – The stream may be shallow but it’s also very rocky, you trip on a rock and knock yourself out, when you awake you have your memory back, you were kidnapped by a florist, but are still lost in the woods.

3i) Go back into the forest to find another path – You eventually find a path that suits your weird path needs and follow it. You are still following this path. There’s a good chance you are going in circles, but still you follow the path because you’re so stubborn.

1b) go to stream behind you – you see a small rowing boat with an oar laid on it.

2d) row down stream in rowing boat – you row down the stream until you are out of the forest, a house boat goes past you now you are back in civilisation. They see you and offer to take you aboard.

3j) Go aboard the boat – you tell the people on board the boat that you lost your memory and they offer to let you live on their boat, which you accept.

3k) decline and continue down the river in your rowing boat – You should have listened, they were going the opposite direction for you and now your headed for a waterfall.

3l) ask them where you are before deciding anything– They say something that sounds like the river GOOLD. You have no idea where that is and so you row over to the side of the river to look for street signs you may recognise. You still don’t know where you are, but you made it out the forest.

2e) search inside rowing boat – you find one water bottle, one shoelace and an empty notebook with a page ripped out, you continue looking for the page and notice that the seat in the middle of the boat is hollow, you take it apart and find the missing page, slightly damp but still decipherable. The note says: Roses are near. Do you:

3m) rip the note apart and throw it in the river – As the water melts the paper, you see the outline of roses on the page. They were doodles of some kind. You pull the piece of paper back out of the water and see if anything else has been made clear by the water. It is an entire letter saying you are running away from home, but it was not written by you.

3n) assume it’s a clue of some kind and walk into the forest to find where the roses are growing – You eventually find a patch of wild roses, but they do not give you any clue as to anything. You go back to the stream and start again.

3o) ignore it as it’s clearly nonsense. – you go down the stream in the boat until you are at civilisation and ask for help from the first person you see.

2f) wash mud off your hands in stream – you wash the mud off your hands and notice there is something glittering at the bottom of the stream, it is stuck under the mud and will not move.

3p) find a rock to dig it out with – you eventually dig it out. It appears to be some form of locket, though it has really sharp edges, you prise it open and find a rose petal. This was important for some reason, it belonged to you, but you cannot remember why. You are still pondering this.

3q) dig it out with your bare hands – It has sharp edges and you cut your hands, your hands bleed so much you have to give up. You start again.

3r) ignore it and walk into forest – you find another empty cottage and decide to live there rather than in civilisation.

2g) search camping site for food – you do not find food, instead you find a compass, a mobile phone with one bar of battery left and a photograph. Do you:

3s) use the last of the phone battery to take a selfie and see if you are the person in the photo – You are not. This disappoints you. You put the now dead phone away and keep the photo in your pocket before continuing past the campsite and carrying on walking till you eventually reach the main road where you can hitch-hike.

3t) use the compass to find your way out of the forest – Following north, you find your way to a small village called Penty village and you decide to live there, where no-one knows you anyway.

3u) put everything back where it was and continue searching for food. – You eventually find food: one packet of space raiders. You eat these walking to the main road and hitch-hiking somewhere.

2h) start a fire with their matches so people can see smoke signals and rescue you – it works, someone phoned the fire brigade after thinking there was a forest fire, and the fire brigade came to find you. The police are also here, it turns out you have been a missing person for the last three days and they want to take you home. Do you:

3v) go with them in the hopes of finding out who you are – They take you home, apparently your name is Ashley, but it is a long time before you remember any of your family and you never remember what happened to you while you were missing.

3w) Ask if they can not take you home as you have decided you want a new life – They accept this and they set up a place for you to live: a council flat in Birmingham.

3x) run away – You run away from the police that you summoned into the forest and trip and knock yourself out on a rock, when you awake the police have taken you to hospital, your memory is back and your mother is waiting for you to wake up.

2i) continue past camping site – You wander further into the forest and when night arrives you hear the sound of music coming from nearby, there are campers who offer you alcohol.

3y) Join the camp site and get drunk – You get drunk and end up telling everyone at the camp that you’ve lost your memory, they decide to give you a new one and you spend the rest of the night coming up with a life story and names for yourself. You go with this new group the next day and assume your new identity where you are referred to as No Name.

3z) join the camp site but refuse the alcohol – You start talking to a drunk girl who insists you are someone she knows called Jordan, you decide to go along with it and go home with this group the next day with your new identity.

3aa) Ask if you can just sleep there as you are tired. – you fall asleep almost instantly despite the loud music, you awake in the morning to find the campers have already left, you are in exactly tyne same position you were yesterday and have the same three options.


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