Choose Your Own Adventure Story: Trapped in The Castle

Published March 29, 2014 by ElisaChristy

The dungeon door slams shut behind you. The dungeon is bare, except for various kinds of mould on the walls. And the only sound you can hear after the reverberations from the door have subsided is the drip of something… You do not know why you have been put in here. There is only one window high up on the wall, with bars across it.

Do you:

A1) Hammer on the door until someone comes to answer – you hammer on the door for what seems like hours, until your hands start to ache and bleed. Eventually someone opens the door just enough to be able to shout at you for hammering on the door, they go to shut the door again but you shove your foot in the door and demand to know why you’re there. After all you didn’t offend anybody in the castle did you? The guard tells you if you insist on a confession to the lord then they can take you up in handcuffs. You allow this. The guard edges inside the door and places handcuffs on your wrists before opening the door fully and leading you out. You start to walk up the stairs with the guards do you:

A2) Attempt to climb up the wall and see if you can wiggle the bars loose – You try to climb up the wall, but they are too slippery from the multitude of mould growing on them. You fall and hurt your hand.

A3) Wait for the door to open, they must give you food at some point – After a while, the dripping noise starts to drive you mad, do you:


A1) B1) Attempt to escape the guards while they are taking you upstairs – You find it difficult to overpower the guards as you are currently climbing up stairs wearing handcuffs. As you try to escape, one of the guards escorting you grabs at your clothes and you trip on the stone stairs. The guards tell you if you can’t be good, they won’t let you confess. 

B2) Go calmly up to speak to this Lord – As you walk you see inside some of the rooms of the castle, in one room is a masked ball, in another is a giant game of chess. You walk past some stairs which must lead down to the kitchens as you can smell food from the stairs.

B3) Go up relatively calmly but complain to the guard about how unfair this all is – You start complaining about your treatment to the guards, who to your surprise stop escorting you up the stairs and start to complain to you. “It’s alright for you. You think we like this job…”


A2) B4) attempt to find something in the dungeon which could help you reach the window – There is nothing else in the room, that you can use to stand on, but you do notice a small piece of paper shoved between one of the bricks. The piece of paper reads “The ladder to the stars is here, I can see it. I have only to leap.”

B5) Attempt to find something that may help your hand, since it’s really starting to hurt. – You start to examine some of the mould, just incase some of it turns out to be really good for pain relief. There is one that seems to glitter slightly, but you are not sure if it is just the last of the light. By night fall you have not found anything that may help your hand, but as moonlight streams into the dungeon, you notice the mould on the wall is now glowing. Do you:

B6) Find the source of the dripping noise – Sometimes the dripping noise seems to be louder, other times if you stay in the exact same position, it seems to go away completely. You wait until it is loud again and look around the room to see if it is rainwater coming in or something normal like that. You see nothing, as the dripping noise gets quieter again, you think you hear a small sigh.


A3) B7) Ignore it and continue waiting for the inevitable food – The food arrives! But before you can get to it, it is immediately devoured by a score of mice, which seem to come from nowhere.

B8) Try and find the source of the dripping noise – The dripping does not seem to be coming from anywhere in particular, but at times, you seem to be able to hear a slight sigh, though that may just be from the dungeon next door, you tell yourself.

B9) Double check around the bare room, checking every corner to make sure you haven’t missed anything useful – Half covered by mould you notice a small knife in one corner. It is too blunt to do anything useful with. Do you:


B1)C1) go up calmly to speak to the lord, sulking as you go. – You go into the main hall, with the lord of the castle sat at the front. The guards say you are here to confess your crime and throw you onto the stone floor. It hurts your knees. “Confess?” says the Lord. “This one has nothing to confess. They just annoyed me. They were speaking too loudly in the market place, or something like that…” The lord stops talking and stares at you for a minute. “Actually, I think that was somebody else. You can let this one go. I have no idea how they offended me.” The lord gestures to the guards, who un-handcuff you. You leave the castle by the main entrance.

C2) Go back to the dungeons with them. – This was stupid. You are now back in the dungeons where you started, but the guards are ignoring your hammering on the door.

C3) Head butt one of the guards. – You head butt one of them and he falls down the stairs, but as you are in handcuffs, the other guard grabs hold of you and puts you back in the dungeon. Now you have actually committed a crime, you will not be allowed out of the dungeon for another week, unless you want to be put in the stocks instead.


B2)  C4) Attempt to overpower the guards now and go to the kitchens – the guards have lessened their grip on you as you have not struggled so far, so you run away from them easily and down to the kitchens. You run past a room with roaring coming from inside it. Knowing opening this door will cause a distraction for you, you push open the unlocked door and find a dragon chained up inside. You unchain it and climb on its back. You escape the castle by dragon.

C5)  Attempt to overpower the guards and go to the masked ball – the guards have lessened their grip on you as you have not struggled so far, so you run away from them easily and run into the masked ball. You pick up a mask someone has dropped on the floor and when the guards come in you put it over your face so the guards do not recognise you. You join in the dancing and go home when the party is finished with everyone else.

C6) Attempt to overpower the guards and go to the chess game – You run away from the guards and make it to the chessboard, where after the guards have failed to run after you a bit. They agree to play a game of chess with you for your freedom. You start, but unfortunately you can’t play chess and lose half your pieces in about three goes. You are put back in the dungeon.

B3)C7) Tell the guards they should quit their job if they don’t like it so much – The guards laugh at you, they can’t quit their job. They shove you into the main hall where the lord of the castle is sat. On seeing you he says to the guards “I thought I told you to put this one in the dungeons until further notice?” “They wanted to confess, my lord” says the guard. “Confess? I don’t need them to confess, they did nothing wrong! I just wanted them out of the street for a bit, they are a very annoying person. Put them back in the dungeons until morning.” You are taken back to the dungeons by the guards.


 C8) Ask why they don’t like it – they mumble a bit about it being unfair because the lord just puts people in the dungeons if he finds them a little bit annoying. Then they whisper to each other a bit, and you don’t catch it but they gesture towards you multiple times during the conversation. After a while, one of them unlocks your handcuffs and tells you to run for it. You run out the castle over the drawbridge and back into town before they have a chance to change their mind.

C9) Tell them you have it worse than they do, because you were in a dungeon five minutes ago – The guards start to argue back, saying you are a prisoner and shouldn’t be talking at all, and they are only taking you to the lord to confess out of the goodness of the hearts! You shout back and they take you back to the dungeons, saying they won’t let you see the lord until you’ve apologised to them. You are now back in the dungeon.


B4)C10) Ignore the piece of paper, as it’s clearly nonsense – You watch a mouse run in from somewhere. You see a tiny hole in the corner where it squeezed in from and you go over and start to chip away at the hole. You are still doing this.

C11) Wait for nightfall and the ladder to the stars to arrive – When night arrives, a ladder does not. You are about to give up when you notice something glowing on the opposite wall. It’s the mould. You pick up some of it in your hands and place it down under the window. As the moonlight hits the  mould, it starts to grow upwards towards the window. It creates a mould ladder that you can climb up to remove the bars and escape through the window. You do so, but you land in the castle moat and get hypothermia whilst escaping.

C12) Keep the piece of a paper in case it’s message becomes clear later and resume looking for cracks in the bricks – You put the piece of paper in your pocket. As you do so, you hear a voice saying “That is how to escape.” You turn round to find a ghost stood right behind you. They point to the mould on the wall, and say “Wait till nightfall then place it beneath the bars and do not fall in the waters.” Then the ghost ghosts away and you are left alone. At nightfall you do as the ghost says because you don’t have any better options. The mould catches the rays of moonlight and grows into a ladder which you can use to escape after removing the bars. Remembering what the ghost said about the water. You pull the ladder through the hole with you. The mould is changeable, so it fits through the hole easily enough and you place it across the moat as a bridge. You run across it and escape into town.


B5) C13) Assume it is the last of the light and continue looking for pain relief for your hand, You are still looking for something for your hand. It would help if you knew anything about plants, but you don’t, so you just keep looking.

C14) Poke at it. – It wriggles away from you. The mould is alive. You pick some up and throw it down on the floor to see what will happen. To your surprise it grows into a ladder which is strong enough for you to climb up, dislodge the bars and escape through the window. You land in the moat and swim to the other side, getting only a slight cold as you do so.

C15) Smother it on your hand to see what happens – The mould seems to melt itself into your hand and take the form of your hand, it grows up your arm and looks as if it will overtake your whole body until you are made of mould. You scream but the guards do not answer. You join all the other ghosts of the castle and spend your time haunting the guests with the other long gone lords and ladies.

B6)C16) say “Hello?” out loud – To your surprise someone does seem to reply, but it is coming from far away. It may be from the other side of the door, or from outside the window. “Well I’m not out there.” comes the reply as you peer out the window on your tiptoes. The ghost of a woman is stood before you. She disappears through the door and unlocks it for you as you promise to search the moat for her lost necklace. In the moat, you scrabble around for a bit, before finding right at the bottom an old rusted necklace coated in mud. You fish it out and hand it to the ghost. This is why they were trapped here. The ghost wisps away into nothing before your eyes and you run off into town.


C17) Continue looking for the source of the noise, it might be air escaping from somewhere which means there might be a way out! – You crawl around on the floor searching for somewhere air might be coming in from, eventually you give up and lie down in the middle of the floor. When you look up, you scream. The ghost of a woman is on the ceiling. The ghost says she can help you escape if you do something in return for her. You ask what she wants done. She says you must find her necklace that is at the bottom of the moat. You agree. She lets you out and helps you escape to the moat. You dive down, after multiple attempts you have not found the necklace, but promise the ghost you will create a new one for her just like it. She agrees to this, although she cries too, and you notice as she cries the water in the moat fills up. As that is where she lost her necklace, her tears were what made the moat in the first place.

C18) Hurl yourself at the door repeatedly until a guard comes along. The dripping noise is driving you mad after all. – You throw yourself at the door about three times, before you hear a voice behind you. “Well that’s not going to help you at all you know.” You turn to see a ghost girl sitting on the small edge of the window, nonchalantly picking at her fingernails. You start to scream, but the ghost puts up a hand to stop you. “I could unlock the door for you, but what would be in it for me? If I let you escape you, you must search the moat for my lost necklace” You agree, so the ghost goes through the door and unlocks it for you. You get to the stairway, but the guards spot you and put you back in the dungeon. The ghost says she won’t help you again as you’re obviously stupid and she ghosts away to another part of the castle leaving you alone in the dungeon.


B7)C19) Beat the mice off with your hands, you waited for this food dammit! – The mice run off and you eat all the food: stale bread and some sort of indeterminate soup. Someone comes along to take away the cutlery almost straight away and they tell you the lord has changed his mind and you are free to go, as long as you don’t ask why you were put in the dungeon in the first place that is.

C20) Try and deduce where the mice came from in the first place – You find a small mouse hole in one corner of the dungeon and put your hand inside. Something from inside the hole grabs your hand and starts trying to pull you through the tiny mouse hole! The guard comes in to take away your food and shouts for the other guards. They all come in and try to pull you away from the thing that has grabbed hold of your arm. They eventually do so, but there is a bite mark on your arm. The guards gravely decide that you must be held here for another week in quarantine, as you may turn into whatever that thing was.

C21) Scream. You don’t like mice. – If you had a chair to jump up on, you would have done so. The mice scatter, there is no food left, but you could use the cutlery to pick the lock, if you can stand picking up the mouse cutlery. Whole you are making a decision about this the guards open your door and tell you, you are free to go. The lord has dropped the charges, as he can’t remember what they were in the first place.


B8)C22) Go over to the wall to see if it’s louder there – It doesn’t seem to be louder but you can hear a strange whooshing noise coming from the room next door, like a bird’s wings flapping, but giant bird’s wings. There is a loud crash, like a door being rammed down, and the door to your dungeon is burnt down in a blast of fire. There is a dragon standing at the door. All the guards have run away, before it breathes fire again you run round the back of it and grab onto its tail. It races up the stairs, bruising you as it goes, but you carry on holding on. The dragon flies out the drawbridge and you crawl up onto its back and fly with it.

C23) Assume it’s wind coming through a loose bar in the window and try to climb up the slimy wall to pull it out – You try and climb up the slimy brick wall and fall a few times, eventually you have dislodged enough of the mould that you can balance on the edges of some of the bricks. You grab hold of the bar in the middle of the window and pull. The bar dislodges immediately and you could now squeeze through the gap in the window. You do so, but you land in the moat and a guard sees you swimming to the other side. You are put back in the dungeon.

C24) Say “Hello?” out loud in case it’s a person – Someone does answer. It’s the guard from outside. He was doing a patrol and heard you say “hello”. He runs and gets you food as they had forgotten to give you any before, thinking this dungeon was empty. You are still in the dungeon, but they gave you the really nice leftovers from the banquet upstairs to make up for forgetting you.


B9) C25) Take it anyway and arm yourself with it so when the guard comes round you have a weapon to fight your way out – The guard does eventually come round to give you food, but the guards have swords, they tell you, they were going to let you go as the lord has pardoned you, but now you have threatened a guard, they will have to put you in the stocks for a week. At least the stocks are outside though.

C26) Leave it where it is – You leave it where it is and eventually a guard comes along with a cake left over from the banquet upstairs. They tell you the lord is drunk and has allowed all the prisoners free as long as they take cake with them, because there was too much at the banquet.

C27) Take it but put it in your pocket until you really need it. – The guards come along and tell you, you are free to go, but you feel like you should do something with the knife now you have it, so on your way out you drop it into the moat and watch it float down to the bottom. A guard sees you, and tells you that dropping anything into the moat is against the lord’s laws. You are put back in the dungeon for breaking this law.


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