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Which Magical Companion Would You Have? Quiz?

Published August 31, 2014 by ElisaChristy

1. You are stood at the top of a cliff looking at a city below. What stands out to you the most?
a) The lights
b) The cars
c) the people

2. You decide to have some fun on the cliff top. Do you:
a) Go and buy some fireworks and have your own firework display
b) Run down the hill towards the city as fast as you can so you can feel the wind rush past you
c) Write the message “I can see you” in stones on the cliff top, so it will be found in the morning

3. Walking back home, which route do you take?
a)The one with the most street lights
b) The quickest
c)The one that means you can watch the drunk people coming out of the pubs

4. The next morning when your alarm goes off do you:
a) Throw it across the room
b) Stamp on it
c) Turn it off, pretend you never set it and go back to sleep

5. In the morning there’s a big commotion about someone writing a giant message on the cliff top. Do you:
a) Go over there and tell them all you know in the hope you’ll get money
b) Go over there and comfort people who are frightened of the message
c) Go over there and start rumours about who put it there

6. At lunchtime, you are eating at a restaurant. Do you:
a) Buy the cheapest thing. You like to hoard your gold — I mean money
b) Buy the cakes the waitress made herself because no-one else is
c) Buy the most sugary thing there is. You like being hyper

7. When you aren’t spending evening on cliff tops, you like to:
a) Sit by the fire counting your gold
b) Go for a run through the forest
c) Spend it setting up your next practical joke

Mostly A’s: You make decisions as quickly as you lose your temper and there’s nothing you like more than fire. Except possibly gold. You really like gold. A dragon would be your ideal magical companion, provided you trained it not to steal and hoard your own gold. You could form a wonderful partnership leading to riches, plus you could ride a dragon and fly the world for free – thus keeping more gold.

Mostly B’s:: You like to go fast. Really fast, but horses are just so ordinary aren’t they? I mean, really a horse as a magical companion? No, you want a unicorn, a magical immortal creature that is immensely kind and may grant you eternal life. Plus it can gallop as fast as a horse, while looking cooler and what could be better?

Mostly C’s: You’re a trickster and there’s nothing you like better than a practical joke. With a hobgoblin at your side there’s no end to the chaos you could wreak. Just be careful your practical joke skills are strong enough that the hobgoblin doesn’t overshadow you and decide your not worth being his magical companion even if he’s worth being yours.


Potion Adventure Story

Published August 24, 2014 by ElisaChristy

You take another look at the three glass vials in front of you. You can’t remember what each one does, but you know of one way to find out. Do you:

1A) Drink the red – You pour the contents of the red vial into your mouth in one gulp. Nothing seems to happen at first, you sigh and assume you got the mixture wrong again. You decide to go for a walk outside, when the first person you see outside runs over and starts kissing you. Do you:

1B) Drink the blue: Nothing seems to happen at first. You sigh and reach out to try another vial only to find that your arms have turned into wings and you are now a bird. You seem to be a raven or crow. Do you:

1C) drink the green: You drink the green vial and as you drink it the room seems to become larger, though it is in fact you becoming smaller. You shrink to a height of about three inches. Do you:

Drink the red:

2A): Let them keep kissing you – They finally stop kissing you, and you’re a little disappointed. The reason they stopped kissing you is to ask you to marry them, you haven’t even met them five minutes ago. Do you:

2B): Stop them from kissing you and ask them to explain why they are kissing you – “Because we are meant to be together” is the reply, then they try to kiss you again. You realise this must be because of the red potion you drank, but they are quite pretty and you could just let them keep kissing you even if it is immoral, you’re already a witch after all. Do you:

2C): Stop them from kissing you and run off to find someone normal. – Everyone you speak to tries to kiss you, you realise this must have something to do with the potion you drunk and you need to find an antidote fast. Do you:


3A): Say yes – They run with you to a church, but half way through the impromptu ceremony the potion wears off and they no longer have any idea why they wanted to marry you. They declare that they were bewitched and you now face trial for witchcraft. Good luck.

3B): Say no and run away – They chase after you and pin you down on the floor in a puddle and you drown.

3C): ask them their name – “Who needs names when they’re in love?” they ask you. “Um, me?” you say in return. “Oh, ok. my name’s Horatio. What’s yours?” Horatio asks you out on a date and you accept now you know his name. He is now your boyfriend.


3D): Let them kiss you until the potion wears off – You continue kissing but when the potion wears off, they say they were bewitched and stage their own witchcraft trial by ducking your head in the water until you drown.

3E): Stop them kissing you and try to explain what has happened – Trying to explain what has happened is difficult when they keep trying to kiss you but you persevere, eventually they stop and listen. Then as it;s a potion they decide to leave you alone and they walk off leaving you alone just as before.

3F): Go back inside your home and ignore them – They attempt to climb in through the window, but you push them back outside using a broom. They attempt to knock down the door but you place your bed in front of it. When nightfall comes they fall asleep outside your house and you must sleep on the floor as the bed is barricading your door.


3G): Go home to try and mix an antidote – In a panic, you pour all the ingredients you can find into your cauldron without even looking at the labels. You drink down whatever you have made and it works! No-one is trying to kiss you anymore. You have also turned into green goo on the floor, but you can’t have everything.

3H): Go to the shop to buy an antidote – The shopkeeper tries to kiss you. You push him off you so you can explain you need an antidote, but unfortunately you knock him into his own potions and there is an extreme magical explosion which somehow manages to turn both of you into trees and you are rooted to the floor of the shop. On the plus side the shopkeeper says as you’re stuck here anyway you can work for him.

3I): Go home and just wait for the potion to wear off – You bump into twelve different people on your way home who all start following you. You have to barricade yourself in the house until nightfall when the potion wears off. You are tempted to try one of the other vials still on the table.

Drink the blue:

2D): Fly out through your window into the street – You fly through the town into the countryside where some people are shooting. Do you:

2E): Fly out through the window into someone else’s house – You fly into someone’s house, but they are out at the moment, you hear the door turning in the lock. Do you:

2F): Stay in your house and make use of your wings to clean the cobwebs in the high corners. – You put a duster in your beak and start to dust the corners, you find one cobweb with the spider still in it. Do you:


3J): fly down to the ground and walk so they don’t shoot you – you start walking along the ground. A child runs along and picks you up before running inside and placing you in a birdcage. You are now the child’s pet and answer to the name of Squiggles.

3K): Try flying past them before they shoot you – A bullet hits your wing and you fall to the ground. The pain from being shot causes you to turn back into a human and the owners of the grand house take you inside and care for you until your arm is healed at which point they give you a job working in the kitchens.

3L): Fly into the woods so they can’t shoot you – You fly into the woods and take a rest in a tree. You fall asleep and when you wake up the potion has worn off and you are human again. You cannot remember how to get out of the woods and are now lost in the woods (Link to previous story)

2E) 3M): Fly out into the street again – You fly out into the street and see a group of birds who look like you flying past. You join them and fly with them until the potion wears off at which point you fall to the ground and realise you are miles away from where you live. You aren;t hurt though, so you start to walk back in the direction you flew.

3N): Perch somewhere and say “Nevermore” when they enter – The owner sighs “Oh, no. Not another one.” and calmly picks up a poker from by the fireplace which they point towards you like a sword and start screaming about plutonian shores. You decide to fly away before they skewer you with the poker and go back home until the potion wears off.

3O): Start looking through their belongings for shiny things because you’re a bird now after all – You search through their belongings and find a shiny bracelet, when the owner of the house enters. They shoo you outside, but you still have the ring in your beak. As the owner didn’t notice you had the necklace you decide to wear it to market the next day when the potion has worn off and are accused of burglary.


3P): Scream – The spider screams back. You are still screaming at each other.

3Q): Eat the spider – As you are a bird you realise you could eat the spider and do so, but when you turn back into a human, you are horrified that you ate a spider and throw up on the floor making your cleaning pointless.

3R): Dust it away – You swat away the spider with the duster in your beak and the spider is blown out the window. You continue cleaning until the potion wears off and you try another vial on the table.

Drink the green:

2G): Go outside to see what the world looks like at three inches – You can’t reach the door, but you manage to crawl under the gap beneath it. Do you:

2H): Try climbing up your stairs – It takes you an hour and a half to climb two steps. Do you:

2I): Try crawling through one of the holes in the wall that you’ve never been able to fit through before to see what’s in there. – You crawl through a hole in the skirting board and start crawling through to see where it takes you. After a while your eyes get used to the dark and you can see a family of mice up ahead of you. Do you:


3S): Go to the river – You go to the river and find a leaf to use as a boat. You climb in and start to drift downstream. By the time the potion wears off you have sailed into a city and you decide to stay there for another adventure.

3T): Go to the market – You go the market where there are lots of other people. you end up getting stuck to someone else’s shoe and are taken back to their house where the potion wears off, so you can peel yourself off from the shoe, but must explain why you are in their house and that you weren’t trying to burgle them. They don’t believe you and call the police. You are now on the run.

3U): Go to the meadow – You go to the meadow where you befriend a colony of ants and help them gather food until the potion wears off at which point you say goodbye to the ants, go back home and try another vial.


3V): Keep climbing – You finally reach the top of the stairs, at which point your cat comes along and pushes you all the way back down them. The potion wears off and nothing has changed.

3W): Look around for something to help you climb – You find a piece of string with a drawing pin pushed through that would make a perfect grappling hook for you at this height. You throw it up to the stairs and start to climb, but it wasn’t secured properly. You fall and hit your head on the stairs knocking yourself out until the potion wears off.

3X): Give up and go back to the table – You are too small to reach the table or climb the chair to try another vial. You must wait for the potion to wear off before you can reach anything.


3Y): Scream and crawl back out of the hole – You crawl back out of the hole and are covered in dust which makes you sneeze. For some reason with every sneeze you grow a bit until you are your own size again or a little bigger. For this to happen it must mean there’s something wrong with your mixture. You consult your books and try mixing the potion again.

3Z): Scream but stay where you are and hope the mice are scared away – The mice are scared away. Unfortunately they run away past you and the shock of having mice run over you makes you faint. When you awake you are your own size again but still stuck in the hole with no way of getting out unless you can shrink again.

3AA): Crawl towards the mice because you aren’t scared of mice. – You crawl towards the mice and listen to them. They are plotting to murder your pet cat! The plot involves one mouse putting some of your own sleeping potion in the cat’s food and pushing it down the stairs while it’s asleep. You rush out to get rid of the cat food before it can eat any. Unfortunately the cat is angry that you disposed of its food and instead the cat eats you.