Which Magical Companion Would You Have? Quiz?

Published August 31, 2014 by ElisaChristy

1. You are stood at the top of a cliff looking at a city below. What stands out to you the most?
a) The lights
b) The cars
c) the people

2. You decide to have some fun on the cliff top. Do you:
a) Go and buy some fireworks and have your own firework display
b) Run down the hill towards the city as fast as you can so you can feel the wind rush past you
c) Write the message “I can see you” in stones on the cliff top, so it will be found in the morning

3. Walking back home, which route do you take?
a)The one with the most street lights
b) The quickest
c)The one that means you can watch the drunk people coming out of the pubs

4. The next morning when your alarm goes off do you:
a) Throw it across the room
b) Stamp on it
c) Turn it off, pretend you never set it and go back to sleep

5. In the morning there’s a big commotion about someone writing a giant message on the cliff top. Do you:
a) Go over there and tell them all you know in the hope you’ll get money
b) Go over there and comfort people who are frightened of the message
c) Go over there and start rumours about who put it there

6. At lunchtime, you are eating at a restaurant. Do you:
a) Buy the cheapest thing. You like to hoard your gold — I mean money
b) Buy the cakes the waitress made herself because no-one else is
c) Buy the most sugary thing there is. You like being hyper

7. When you aren’t spending evening on cliff tops, you like to:
a) Sit by the fire counting your gold
b) Go for a run through the forest
c) Spend it setting up your next practical joke

Mostly A’s: You make decisions as quickly as you lose your temper and there’s nothing you like more than fire. Except possibly gold. You really like gold. A dragon would be your ideal magical companion, provided you trained it not to steal and hoard your own gold. You could form a wonderful partnership leading to riches, plus you could ride a dragon and fly the world for free – thus keeping more gold.

Mostly B’s:: You like to go fast. Really fast, but horses are just so ordinary aren’t they? I mean, really a horse as a magical companion? No, you want a unicorn, a magical immortal creature that is immensely kind and may grant you eternal life. Plus it can gallop as fast as a horse, while looking cooler and what could be better?

Mostly C’s: You’re a trickster and there’s nothing you like better than a practical joke. With a hobgoblin at your side there’s no end to the chaos you could wreak. Just be careful your practical joke skills are strong enough that the hobgoblin doesn’t overshadow you and decide your not worth being his magical companion even if he’s worth being yours.


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