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Halloween Adventure Story – Haunted House

Published October 31, 2014 by ElisaChristy

The house stands apart from all the others. There are places where the roof has fallen away and stories circulate of crying being heard from the house even though no-one has lived there since Victorian times. You have just been dared to go inside and bring back something from the house as proof. The front door is unlocked, because there is no lock left on it. Inside there is a grand hallway, everything is covered in dust and cobwebs. There is a huge central staircase in front of you, a doorway to your right leads into what was probably called the drawing room and to your left are stairs down to what you hope is a basement kitchen.

Do you want to:

1A) Go up the stairs – You start to walk up the stairs, nearly every one creaks beneath your feet. You would put your hand on the banister, but it is so covered with cobwebs and dust you think better of it. One of the stairs you have already passed creaks again behind you, as if someone is following you up the stair. Do you:

1B) Go into the drawing room – You push open the door to the drawing room. There is a fireplace in front of you, and for a moment you think you can see a fire burning there, but you blink and it is gone, it was probably just the glare from the sun outside the window anyway. There is a mantelpiece with a mirror stood on top of it, a table with old champagne glasses on it, covered in dust like everything else and an old dusty book on one of the sofas. Do you:

1C) Go down to the (hopefully) kitchen – You walk down the concrete stairs to what you hope is a kitchen. There is no light down here. So you don’t know when you have reached the last step and you fall down. You think you hear a slight laugh as you pick yourself back up, but you put it down to paranoia and continue into the room. You lean against the wall and lean against the light switch. A bare bulb comes on in the gloom and you find you really are in an old kitchen. Do you:

1A) Go up the stairs 

2A) Stop and turn round – You stop and spin back round expecting to see one of your friends who dared you standing there, but there is just an empty stair. You hear a sweep of movement from up on the landing also behind you and spin back round that way, but once again you are all alone. You continue up the stairs onto the landing and try to ope  the door directly in front of you, but it is locked. You try another and after a moment the door swings open onto a bedroom, you walk through and the door slams shut behind you. You try and open it again but it is jammed, the only way out is to climb through the window. Do you:

2B) Ignore it and carrying on going upYou continue walking up the stairs but every time you walk up one stair you hear another creak behind you, but you continue to ignore it and carry on. When you reach the landing, you see something rush past you out of the corner of your eye towards a door at the end of the corridor. Do you:

2C) Turn round but carry on walking up the stairs backwards at the same time – You turn round, but carry on waling up the stairs backwards so if there is anything there, you can distance yourself from it. There is nothing there, but trying to walk up the stairs backwards you trip and fall back down the stairs. One of the stairs gives way and you fall down inside. You can hear footsteps above you. Do you:

2A) Stop and turn round

3A) Search the room before leaving for your proof – You open the drawer in the bedside table. The only thing inside seems to be a kind of telescope. You look through it and find it is actually a kaleidoscope. You shake it and look through it again expecting to see a different pattern but when you look through it again it spells out the word “run”. You drop the kaleidoscope and see a woman standing in front of you reaching out for it. You try to run towards the door, but somehow the woman gets there first and blocks it. She places her hand on your face and you see the patterns of the kaleidoscope in your eyes as you faint. You wake up when your friends come into the house to look for you. The woman and the kaleidoscope are nowhere to be seen and your friends think you’re lying because you failed the dare.

3B) Leave without proof – You start to climb out of the window. You cut your hand on the window frame and fall down onto the ground, but you don’t hurt yourself too badly. You are in the garden at the back of the house. There is a tree nearby, you go over to it and find a piece of paper placed inside the tree. You open it up. There are strange inscriptions on one side of the paper, on the other is a message saying “if you find this, please place it back inside the heart for all our sakes.” You shrug and put it in your pocket before climbing over the wall. You go out the front to find your friends, but you think you can hear crying coming from inside the house. Maybe you shouldn’t have taken the letter after all.

3C) Keep trying to open the door because you don’t really want to climb out the window – You try opening the door but it’s jammed shut. You think you can hear the clicking of the door handle as you try to turn it, but when you stop, the noise continues. It’s coming from the bedside table. You open up the drawer and find a kaleidoscope inside. You look through it and see the patterns but as you take it away from your eyes, you see a crying woman sat on the bed beside you. She also has a kaleidoscope that looks very much like yours. She is crying to herself “Empty, it’s empty now and will be forever.” The woman turns, noticing you for the first time. “Please.” she says. “Find the letter, put it back in my heart. In the tree outside, please.” The woman looks so upset and pitiful that you decide to get the letter. You climb through the window into the garden and find a very strange letter in the tree. There is only one way back into the house now and that is through a basement door. The door leads into a larder. There is a small silver thing on one of the shelves. You pick it up and see that it is a largish heart-shaped locket. You place the letter inside. The woman appears in front of you “Thank you” she says as she fades away. The locket is no longer in your hand. You leave the house without proof and your friends don’t believe you when you tell them what happened.

2B) Ignore it and carrying on going up

3D) Go to the door at the end of the corridor – You walk towards the door you saw the something go towards. You think you can hear crying coming from inside, but when you open the door you can see no-one. Instead written in what appears to be blood is the words “Give me back my heart” on the wall. You run out of the house to find your friends and they all come in with you, but the writing is gone.

3E) Deliberately go to another door – You deliberately go to another door, than the one you saw the something go into. You walk into a small bedroom, and start looking for something to take as proof, but the door slams behind you and something turns the key so you are locked in. You scream for your friends, but nobody hears you. You are still stuck in that room.

3F) Peek over the banister on the landing to see if anyone is down in the hallway – You look down over the banister to see if you can see whoever was following you. You see what appears to be a maid, you call to her and ask her name, but when she turns to you, you see there is blood on her apron. She smiles and more blood drips down her front from her mouth. You scream. Your friends come running in, but the maid has disappeared.

2C) Turn round but carry on walking up the stairs backwards at the same time

3G) Assume it’s your friends come to help because they heard the crash and shout for help – You shout for help, but the footsteps keep going past, you can see shadows running past in the light coming through the hole, but no-one seems to be listening to you, until you hear something behind you. You turn and try to squint through the faint light coming in through the top of the hole. A mouse runs past you and they run over a key on the floor. You pick the key up and put your arm out in front of you to find the wall and hopefully a door that the key fits into. You find one, the door to the cupboard under the stairs has a lock on this side. You turn the key and come back out into the hallway. The footsteps on the stairs stop abruptly. You put the key in your pocket and leave the house. You tell your friends what happened and someone else gets dared to go inside, but they come back out again saying there is no hole in the stairs, so you were lying; but the key is still in your pocket.

3H) Attempt to climb out the hole yourself – You start to climb up out of the hole yourself and feel someone take your hand to try and haul you up. You panic and lose your footing, falling back into the hole. You land on something soft, but you scream when you realise it is the body of a person. It is this scream rather than the sound of you falling through the floor that brings your friends in. They see the body, the police are called and the body is identified as Miss Leslie Patrick, a maid who worked in the house until she went missing seventy years ago.

3I) Try and break through the wall of the stairs so you can walk out that way – You figure that if you could fall through the floor, then you should be able to fall through the wall as well and try to push against it. You manage to break the wall, but with the wall gone, the stairs also give way and debris lands on top of you knocking you out. You awake in the hospital with no proof of your dare.

1B) Go into the drawing room

2D) Look in the mirror – You look in the mirror on the mantelpiece. There is someone standing behind you, but when you turn there is no-one there. You look back at the mirror where you can clearly see a woman standing right behind you. She holds her hand out to your neck and you feel her breath on you, you spin round again and there is still no-one there. Looking back at the mirror another time you now see only yourself staring back at you. Do you:

2F) Pick up the book – You pick up the book and flick through it, all the pages are blank as you go through to the end of the book, but when you flick through it the other way there are words that you can’t quite read. Do you:

2E) Pick up a champagne glass – You pick up one of the glasses on the table, it knocks against the other, the clang echoing around the room. You notice a faint crack along the stem of the glass, but decide to take it out anyway. As you walk towards the door, the crack in the stem seems to be getting bigger, until the glass suddenly shatters in your hand. Do you:

2D) Look in the mirror

3J) Run out of the house without proof – You run out of the house without taking any proof with you. You try to explain to your friends about what you saw in the mirror, but they refuse to believe you. At least you didn’t get killed by the mirror ghost though.

3K) Pick up the mirror and smash it so you won’t see the woman again – That was probably a bad idea. Instead of the woman disappearing as you thought, you can now clearly see the woman standing in front of you, screaming very loudly. Your friends rush in having heard the scream and they can see the woman too. The screaming woman rushes towards you and rushes through you before disappearing. When you return home you find a large burn mark on your chest. Your friends all have matching marks on their chests too.

3L) Say out loud if there is anyone in the room who wants to talk to you, they should do so now – A knocking sound starts to come from the wall, but you can’t understand it. You say that whatever is trying to speak to you should knock once for yes and twice for no and you’ll ask questions. You ask whether what is speaking to you is the woman in the mirror. One knock. You ask whether they used to live in this house. One knock. You ask whether you can take something from the house as proof of your dare. Two knocks. You say please. Two knocks. You ask whether there is anything you can do to help the ghost. Two knocks. You apologise and say goodbye. Two knocks. You ignore it and go to leave the room. The knocking continues on the wall. When you reach the door you realise it is locked. You ask whether they are going to hurt you and or kill you. One knock.

2E) Pick up a champagne glass

3M) Try and pick up the pieces of the glass – You bend down to pick up the pieces of glass from the floor. As you try to pick them up, they seem to keep cracking and breaking whenever you touch them. You decide to leave them on the floor and leave the house after all. You walk past the broken glass on the floor, but as you walk away, you hear something behind you. You turn back round, all the shards of glass are floating in the air and pointing towards you like daggers. You start running towards the front door and try to wrench it back open in time, but you end up being pinned against it by the glass shards.

3N) Pick up one piece of glass and leave the others – You pick up the biggest shard of glass from the floor, as your proof. You hold it over your shoulder like a weapon in case you need to use it and start to make your way back towards the door. As you walk you hear a shaking sound behind you like someone’s knocked a chandelier. Before you have time to turn back round, all the shards of glass from the floor rush towards the shard in your hand and reattach themselves into a glass. Around your hand. You go outside but none of your friends can get the glass off and it doesn’t seem to be smashing as it did the last time. You go the rest of your life with a champagne glass built around your hand by supernatural forces.

3O) Find something for your hand which is now bleeding from the glass – You look around for something to put against you hand to stop the bleeding. In the corner you see what looks like a piece of paper tucked into the floorboards. You lift it up. It says “Hide the heart and stop this madness, she must never know.” You put it against your cut, but you start to notice that it doesn’t seem to be stopping the blood flow, but increasing it. You take the paper away. The blood flowing from the cut on your hand is black like ink, while the ink on the page is red. Your blood has been taken over by the ink on the page. You go the rest of your life with ink in place of your blood like an octopus but without the useful extra arms.

2F) Pick up the book

3P) Try and read a page out loud – You start to try and figure out some of the letters and say them out loud, as you do the sky outside the window starts to turn dark, it goes as dark as night and then somehow manages to get even darker. Then a bright red flash goes across the window and you hear a crack that seems to come from the ground and…is that the sound of horses’ hooves? You think to yourself. It is. You have bought about the apocalypse. Well done you.

3Q) Take the book and leave – You pick the book up and go to leave, thinking it will make sufficiently interesting proof for your friends. You get to the front door and walk out without much problem, but as soon as you cross the threshold of the door, you hear the pages of the book rustling. You look down. The book has grown legs. Eight of them, like a spider. You scream and drop the book. The book scuttles back into the house and even closes the door after it. As your friends also witnessed this, you all decide to run away and never go back to the house again.

3R) Rip a page out of the book and leave – You rip out a page of the book, the ripping sound seems strange, it could be mistaken for the rumble of thunder instead, but you look outside and the sky looks bright blue. Very bright blue, Unnaturally blue. and the sky is moving like waves. It almost looks as if the sea and the sky have swopped places. They have. The sea comes crashing back down to Earth all at once crushing you and drowning your friends and leaving an empty void above where the sky used to be.

1C) Go down to the (hopefully) kitchen

2G) Start going through the cupboards to find your proof so you can leave You open one cupboard and find some hand painted plates, you take one of these down and go to leave, but the shelf in the cupboard suddenly gives way and the plates all fall down onto the counter smashing into pieces. The crash from this echoes around the room and it sounds for a second almost as if someone is screaming, but you continue up the stairs. Halfway up the light goes out and you feel something grab your ankle as you trip on the stairs. Do you:

2H) Open the door to the larder to find your proof – There is no food in the larder, just a lot of cobwebs, but in the corner you think you see something shining. You move towards it. It’s stuck in the wall. Do you:

2I) Open the drawers to find your proof – You find various kinds of cutlery in the drawers. You pick up a fork, thinking that will do as proof, but as you go to put the fork in your pocket, the drawer slams shut, shaking all the cutlery inside like chains. Do you:

2G) Start going through the cupboards to find your proof so you can leave

3S) Scream – The something screams back. The grip on your ankle loosens and you clamber up the stairs in your hurry to get out. You wrench open the door to the kitchen, and turn to take a look at the something, in the light coming through the open door, but there is nothing there, as if there never really was.

3T) Use the plate to hit at whatever has hold of your leg – You hit where you assume the something is with the plate. The plate hits against the solid air and breaks, but the something doesn’t let go of you. In fact, you start to be dragged back down into the darkened kitchen, and it seems like you’re being dragged for longer than the amount of stairs should allow as you are dragged deeper and deeper down into the earth.

3U) Try to keep climbing up the stairs – You try to keep going up the stairs with the something holding onto your ankle, you manage to get to the door and pull it open, you limp through. In the light of the main hallway you look round, but you can’t see anything that might be attached to your ankle, but you can feel it like hands gripping you. You limp to the front door and out to meet your friends, they all stare and point behind you, but you still can’t see anything there. You never do.

2H) Open the door to the larder to find your proof

3V) Leave it and find something else – You decide to leave it and find something easier to move, but as soon as you have made that decision, the door closes behind you, leaving you in darkness. Darkness except for the thing stuck in the wall, which seems to be shining even in the dark. You go to pull it out the wall, but it’s hot and burns your fingers. The door opens again and you walk back out. You decide to leave before you get stuck in anywhere else. When you reach your friends outside you show them the burn on your hand. It’s heart-shaped. Your friends are suitably impressed.

3W) Try and prise it out of the wall – You try and prise it out of the wall with your fingers, but all you succeed in doing is cutting your fingers on the surprisingly sharp edge. Your blood drips down the side of the shining object and drips inside. You see now, it is a heart-shaped locket. Once the blood has dripped inside the locket, your own heart turns to metal, killing you. You join the other ghosts in the house, which there seem to be rather a lot of.

3X) Move closer to see what it is before you take it – You move closer and see that it is a heart-shaped locket, that has somehow become embedded in the wall. You try to move it, but cannot. A piece of paper flutters down in front of you, but you can’t see where it could possibly have come from. The paper reads: “if you find this, please place it back inside the heart for all our sakes.” You slot the piece of paper in through the gap of the heart locket, which immediately dislodges itself from the wall and falls into your hands. You take the locket as your proof and no-one ever hears crying from the house again.

2I) Open the drawers to find your proof

3Y) Run up the stairs taking the fork anyway – You start to run up the stairs, but you trip halfway up and accidentally stab yourself with the fork in your pocket. You keep going. When you get outside you show your friends the cut made by the fork, but the fork itself is gone from your pocket and you lose the dare.

3Z) Put the fork back in the drawer – You open the door to try and put the fork back inside. As soon as you open the door the tiniest of inches, the cutlery inside the drawer starts attacking you. You end up pinned against the wall of the kitchen by a dozen knives, which have expertly avoided actually stabbing you and instead just stabbed your clothes. You hear a siren from the street outside, and the knives fall away leaving your clothes ruined, but at least it’s good proof for your dare.

3AA) Put the fork back on the counter top – You put the fork back on the counter top and turn to find something less angry to take with you. From behind you, you hear a strange metallic sliding sound. You turn back to find the fork has gone from the counter top, you look round but there’s nowhere the fork could have gone. You leave the kitchen and go towards the front door. In front of the door, you find the fork, which you now pick up and take with you, without any difficulty. Your dare is won, but you never find out how the fork got moved.


Apothecarist Adventure Story

Published October 5, 2014 by ElisaChristy

To make your potion, first you must choose the base of the potion. This will determine the potency of the potion.

A) Fog

B) Dew from a spider’s web

C) Night Air

Next, choose the main ingredient of your potion, this will determine the effects of the potion.

A) Unicorn hair

B) Mermaid scale

C) Brain of a starfish

Finally, choose the essence of your potion. This will determine the scent and flavour of the potion.

A) The screams of lost souls

B) Siren’s voice

C) The twinkle from a star

Option AAA: Fog, Unicorn hair, screams of lost soulsYou have created a time travel potion! Do you want to travel back in time:

A) 200 years – You travel back in time to the 1895, and think your time travelling skills will make you famous, however it is unfortunately the same year that H.G Wells publishes the book The Time Machine and everybody just thinks you are having delusions due to reading the book and they lock you in a psychiatric hospital, where all your belongings are taken away from you including the Time Travelling potion that would enable you to travel back to the present.

B) 400 years – You arrive in the 1600’s. You quickly make a name for yourself as an apothecary with your advanced knowledge of healthcare, but this leads to you being tried as a witch and you are burned.

C) 600 years – You miscalculate and instead you end up 65 million years into the past. A passing tyrannosaurus rex crushes you vial of Time Travelling potion and you must now live on your wits to avoid being eaten, but on the plus side it seems you have inadvertently made yourself the first ever caveman and you invent the wheel and fire – as you had a lighter in your pocket.

Option BBB: Dew from a spider’s web, Mermaid scale, Siren’s voiceYou have created a portal potion! You can now open portals to other worlds wherever you want! Do you want to open a portal:

A) in the sky – Your portal opens up onto a maze. You clamber through and the portal closes behind you. All you have to do is figure out how to get out of the maze…

B) in the ground – Your portal opens onto a dark night sky with thousands of stars. You clamber through and the portal closes behind you. To your surprise you seem to be able to walk on the sky and do not fall. You see one star twinkling more than the others and you step over to pick it up. As soon as you grab hold of the core of the star, alarms sound from somewhere, the stars all go out and you fall from the sky down to the ground far, far below you.

C) in a wall – You open a portal in the graffitied city wall and view a clear open meadow through it. You step through the portal and it closes behind you. You can see fairies flying round near the wild flowers. One of the fairies comes along and starts pulling at your hair obviously wanting to take you somewhere. The fairy drags you to the fairy queen and the queen transforms you into a fairy and makes you her slave as all the other fairies were. The fairy that dragged you to the queen is given cake as a reward.

Option CCC: Night air, Brain of a starfish, the twinkle from a starYou have created clarity potion! You now have x-ray vision! Do you want to use your x-ray vision to:

A) Become the best doctor ever – You diagnose broken bones and appendicitis quicker than any other doctor there has ever been and win the noble prize for physiology and medicine five times in a row. other doctors become jealous of you and you don’t have many doctor friends as a result, but you’ve won the noble prize so many times that you just buy new friends and entertain them in you mansion every night.

B) Use it to find that pen you lost three weeks ago – You do not find the pen, instead you find an old christmas card that had fallen behind your bookcase, £3.50 that had fallen behind the sofa and a wax crayon, which is almost but not quite as good as your pen was.

C) Use it to de-mask Scooby-Doo villains really quickly – You start to make a name for yourself de-masking villains and luckily for you a dog doesn’t take all the credit. However this means all the villains you have de-masked start to despise you and they team up to defeat you so you have to go on the run.

Option AAB: Fog, Unicorn hair, Siren’s voiceYou have created a luck potion! Do you want to use your luck potion to:

A) Win the lottery – You win the lottery but on your way to claim the money the luck potion wears off and you drop the ticket down a drain.

B) Become famous – You write an album which goes straight to number one but the luck potion runs out while you are writing the second and the critics get tired or waiting, so your fame is over.

C) Try and beat a world record – You now hold the world record for throwing a javelin, eating the most amount of pizza in under three minutes and the most lions tamed, but you still feel like you could have achieved more.

Option AAC: Fog, Unicorn hair, The twinkle from a starYou have created an ageing potion! Do you want to:

A) Annoy everybody by pretending to be deaf – Everyone knows you’re only pretending so they purposefully shout at you so eventually you actually go deaf, but no-one believes you.

B) Retire because you’re obviously too old to work – You retire and shun humanity by going to live in a cottage in the woods, but you still have internet access.

C) Complain about everything – Everybody stops talking to you because they know you’ll just complain.

Option ABA: Fog, Mermaid scale, The screams of lost soulsYou have created a de-ageing potion! Do you want to:

A) Drink it so you don’t need to worry about any responsibilities – You forgot that childhood is fraught with responsibilities such as: Can I hide all my toys under my bed instead of cleaning my room properly? And exams at school.

B) Go on the swings for eternity – You get dizzy and throw up so you have to get off eventually

C) Climb a tree and live in it – You slowly add things to your tree home and build it up over a few months. You start to build bridges to other trees and as you grow older again you write a book about your hime which becomes a best seller.

Option ABC: Fog, Mermaid scale, The twinkle from a starYou have created an invisibility potion! Do you want to:

A) Make people think their house is haunted – You start to move things around and knock on walls as per ghost rules, but you  unknowingly chose the house of a medium. She is not scared of you and instead asks if you’d like to work with her to scare other people.

B) Rob a bank – You manage to slip into a bank vault stored with over a million pounds and various jewels, but the bank manager seals the vault behind them obviously not knowing you are in there. You now cannot get back out until someone else wants something from the vault.

C) Haunt one particular person to drive them crazy – You follow someone around all day and make them think they are going mad subtly, by moving their cup of tea from one side of the tabe to the other when they aren’t looking or taking the ink cartridge out of their pen even though they have just put one in. The potion eventually wears off though and you are seen standing in the middle of the room gleefully placing a vase of flowers upside down on a table and have to explain yourself.

Option ABB: Fog, Mermaid scale, Siren’s voice – You have created a cooking skill potion. Your cooking skills will increase by up to 90% Do you want to:

A) Enter Masterchef – You win! And subsequently open a up a restaurant to cash in on your win. You only cook pancakes because you’re lazy, but due to your magical cooking abilities no-one seems to care.

B) Get a job as a chef – You easily get a job as a chef once the restaurant owner samples your food. However, you find that cooking Marinaded mediterranean vegetables with rice noodles – while easy to make taste good due to your magical cooking abilities – takes a long, long time. You quit and refuse to cook anything more elaborate than cheese on toast.

C) Cook loads of food and eat it all yourself – You cook everything you can think of and refuse to ever let anybody else try any, because it tastes so good, so you lose all your friends, but you don’t mind because you replace them melted cheese.

Option ACB: Fog, Brain of a starfish, Siren’s voice You have created a sub to conscious potion! Your dreams will become reality for a limited time! But what are you going to dream about?

A) Dragons – Your fleet of dragons destroys the entire town of Burnley and you have to pay for the damage as the mayor said “They were your dragons that burnt down the town hall so we’ll use you money to refurbish it.” You are now broke.

B) Witches – Your witches are found brewing a cauldron in the local park and their moonlight broomstick rides are affecting the air traffic. You spend a few days trying to round them up so you can either make them disappear or train them in how to fit in to normal life. You also need to explain why you were found standing on a roof top with a cat shouting at the sky “If you come back down I’ll give you thuds cat!” It wasn’t your cat to give.

C) Fairies – Your fairies go around granting wishes to everybody they see which means over a thousand people win the lottery, get brand new cars and suddenly everybody is working in their dream job which means all the supermarket shelves are suddenly bare as there is nobody left to stack them.

Option ACC: Fog, Brain of a starfish, the twinkle from a starYou have made a forgetfulness potion! Do you want to:

A) Drink it to forget that thing you did at that party last week – You forget, but this only means you do the same thing again at the next party you go to because you had forgotten you would regret it.

B) Hide something then drink the potion so you can have your own treasure hunt – You have written clues for yourself and placed them around the town. You are slightly disappointed when you find the treasure and realise all you gave yourself is a bar of chocolate but you eat it anyway.

C) Drive somewhere then drink the potion so you can explore your home town as if you’ve never been there – You realise that you really don’t like your hometown and decide to make plans to move abroad instead.

Option BAA: Dew from a spider’s web, unicorn hair, the screams of lost souls – You have created the elixir of life! Do you want to:

A) Sell it to mayflies – You sell it to mayflies to elongate their life expectancy which means the mayfly population goes through the roof and they become considered pests. There are so many mayflies – even in October – that the prime minister declares a mayfly hunting season to kill them all.

B) Drink it yourself so you have endless time to do everything you procrastinate – You reach the age of a thousand and still haven’t got around to anything, because you had no time limit.

C) Give it to your pet cat so it’ll live forever – Your pet lives forever, you however do not and your cat eats your remains because cats are evil really.

Option BBA: Dew from a spider’s web, mermaid scale, the screams of lost soulsYou have created speed potion! Do you want to:

A) Do everything you have been procrastinating for the last few weeks in a matter of hours – You manage to get everything done before the speed potion wears off, so you also go for a run up to Scotland where it wears off and you fall asleep in a forest.

B) Drink coffee as well so you’re as fast as the speed of sound – You are now faster than the speed of sound, unfortunately you have so much energy that you cannot slow down and as a result can’t actually get anything done, so it’s counter-intuitive.

C) See if you can go fast enough to run on water – You can, but the potion wears off somewhere in the middle of the English channel. You are picked up by a passing ferry and enjoy a day out in Calais.

Option BBC: Dew from a spider’s web, Mermaid scale, the twinkle from a starYou have created happiness potion! Do you want to:

A) Drink it just before you go into work – You are so happy at work and as a result are so polite t everybody that you get a promotion before the potion runs out.

B) Drink it just before you go out for the evening – You are so happy while you are out that the security guards assume you have taken drugs and you end up being arrested. It doesn’t help your not guilty plea that you remain stupidly happy throughout being arrested.

C) Give it to a homeless man – The homeless man is now happy, but unfortunately no-one gives him any money because they assume he’s drunk.

Option BAB: Dew from a spider’s web, Unicorn hair, Siren’s voiceYou have created a beauty potion! Do you want to:

A) Drink it and try to become a model – Unfortunately you can’t become a model as you aren’t tall enough and you didn’t create a height potion.

B) Pretend it’s make-up and start a successful make-up company – Your make-up company becomes very successful but after a few years people start to realise that the make-up doesn’t look as good on them as it does on you and you are investigated by trading standards.

C) Pour it on flowers and start a florist business – Your florist business becomes the best in the world. You win multiple awards and everyone wants to know your secret, but you never tell them. Not even your shop assistants.

Option BAC: Dew from a spider’s web, Unicorn hair, the twinkle from a starYou have created a love potion! Do you want to:

A) Give it to someone you’ve liked for ages – You give it to the person you’ve liked for ages, however the love potion works by making them fall in love with the first person they see. Which isn’t you, but you do get invited to their wedding.

B) Drink it yourself and fall in love with the first person you see – The first person you see is a tramp, but you are infatuated with them so you bring them to your house and rebuild their life before marrying them.

C) Give it to a friend so they can use it on someone they like – Your friend uses it on you. You are now married.

Option BCA: Dew from a spider’s web, Brain of a starfish, The screams of lost soulsYou have created a super strength potion! Do you want to:

A) Go to the fairground and win on the Test Your Strength – You win multiple times and you now have an impressive array of stuffed toys as a result.

B) Use your strength to arrange a load of huge rocks and create some competition for Stonehenge – Your huge stone rocks don’t really generate much interest for a few thousand years when people become obsessed with finding out the meaning behind them.

C) Move house without having to pay for a van – You move all your belongings from one house to another, but as you don’t have super speed as well as super strength it takes you about a week.

Option BCC: Dew from a spider’s web, Brain of a starfish, the twinkle from a starYou have created a memory potion! You can now retrieve lost memories. Do you want to:

A) Use it to remember where you put that pen you lost three weeks ago – You remember that you gave the pen away to someone on a train. Why did you do that? You liked that pen. Unfortunately the potion does not help you remember why you gave it away.

B) Use it to remember what comeback you should have used in that argument so you’ll be prepared if the argument ever happens again – The argument never happens again. You use the comeback in a different argument but your fellow argumenter points out that it doesn’t really make sense for the argument you’re having and you lose said argument.

C) Use it to remember what potion you were actually trying to make with those ingredients – You remember that you really wanted to make a potion that would give you a better memory, since yours is apparently so bad.

Option CBB: Night Air, Mermaid scale, Siren’s voiceYou have created a singing potion. Your singing voice will improve by up to 90%!  Do you want to:

A) Enter the X-Factor – You reach the finals where the singing potion wears off in the middle of the song and you do not win.

B) Start busking – You are soon having impromptu concerts in the street, while this gains you lots of money from the concertgoers, the police are less than impressed and you are now banned from ever baking in town again. You go off to the woods and busk to the owls instead. They seem to enjoy it.

C) Become a voice coach – You voice coach company does relatively well. The singing potion wears off after a while, so you have to be careful not to sing in front of your clients, but by that point you know what to say to them anyway, so no-one really notices you are a voice coach who can’t sing.

Option CBA: Night air, Mermaid scale, the screams of lost soulsYou have created a shrinking potion! Do you want to:

A) Find out where the mice have been getting into your house – You track the mice down to a small hole in the wall behind the fridge. You stop it up with a plastic bag that to you in your shrunken state seems like you’re carrying a plastic duvet cover, but once you regrow to your normal height you realise it isn’t actually going to be big enough to stop anything from getting in, and you are now too big to reach your arm behind the fridge to add another plastic bag to the hole.

B) Go an epic adventure across the road – Your adventure across the road is short-lived as you fall down the slats of a drain. You are now floating along a rainwater river underground which you hope will take you out at the sea, but you aren’t entirely sure…

C) Find a dandelion clock and fly away – Your makeshift dandelion plane takes you all the way to the Wales where the potion wears off so a dandelion plane is no longer sufficient enough to hold you up. You fall onto the top of Ben Nevis and have to climb down.

Option CAA: Night air, unicorn hair, the screams of lost soulsYou have created a growing potion! Do you want to:

A) Crush a nearby village – You start destroying a nearby town cackling maniacally as you go, eventually the army is called in and you are tranquillised, you fall down on a tower block crushing it as you fall. When you awake you are normal size again.

B) Build a new roof for your house as you’ve just grown through it – For some reason no-one seems to want your custom when you’re 100 feet tall. They all seems scared of you for some reason. You go back home without a repairman to fix your roof. It starts to rain and your house gets flooded. You then start to cry which only adds to the flood.

C) See if you’re tall enough to reach the stars – You aren’t tall enough to reach the stars, you do however put your hand in front of a passing aeroplane so it has to quickly change course. A few birds make their nests in your hair, and are quite surprised when you shrink back down to normal height, but nothing dramatic happens.

Option CAB: Night air, unicorn hair, Siren’s voiceYou have created a sleeping potion! Do you want to:

A) Take it yourself and sleep for a week – You sleep for a week but you have now slept so much that you are overtired and just want to sleep more.

B) Give it to someone else so they sleep for a week – You give it to someone you don’t like and as a result you don’t have to see them for a week, but after that week. They are back and really well rested which means they are really alert and therefore more annoying than they were before.

C) Use it to drug guards at a bank and then rob the bank – You give it to guards at the bank, but unfortunately you didn’t have any way of drugging the security cameras and you are caught a few days later, put in prison and you have to give back all the money you stole.

Option CCA: Night air, Brain of a starfish, The screams of lost soulsYou have created a whispering potion! You can talk to ghosts. Do you want to:

A) Start a business as a medium – You start working as a medium, but the potion wears off in the middle of a show. you pretend to carry on, but the spirits know you’re faking now and you have an visible riot in the theatre to sort out as the spirits throw chairs around and try to pull down the stage curtains. Not that you know it’s because of you because you can no longer talk to the spirits.

B) Ask the spirits if they know where you put that pen you lost three weeks ago – The spirits tell you it is behind the bookcase in your room. You look but there is only a pencil. You should never trust a spirit.

C) Get writing advice from Shakespeare – Shakespeare just laughs at you and refuses to give you anything that could be used in competition against him and his afterlife royalties.

Option CCB: Night air, brain of a starfish, Siren’s voiceYou have created a transformer potion! You can now transform into any animal for a limited time! (About 4 hours). Do you want to:

A) Transform into a lion – A lion roaming around the city centre isn’t really a common sight and most people assume you have escaped from the local zoo, so the zoo is called and you are sent to the lion enclosure. Once the potion wears off you are in the lion enclosure. The zoo keepers get you out before you are eaten alive, but they ask how you got in to the lion enclosure in the first place and why they have one less lion now than they did earlier that day. You run away instead of explaining.

B) Transform into a wolf – You pass by a nearby sheep farm and the sheep farmer chases after you as he thinks you are going to eat his flock. You have to keep running for the whole four hours until the potion wears off.

C) Transform into a fish – You go to the beach and into the sea before drinking the potion to make sure you don’t drown in the air, and once you are a fish you swim down into the sea and out, where you end up being eaten by a shark.

Option CAC: Night Air, unicorn hair, the twinkle from a starYou have created a lucid dreaming potion! You can now control your dreams. Do you want to:

A) Never have a nightmare again – Never having a nightmare again means you never want to wake up from your dreams and you gain a reputation for sleeping in, which you don’t like as you are now late to everything and you were so punctual before.

B) Make all your dreams make sense – You very quickly realise that once your dreams make sense they are incredibly boring and just not worth having. You make them as weird as you can again, which somehow means you have a recurring dream about being them man in the moon and how he got there.

C) Dream your favourite dream you had five years ago every night – Dreaming the same dream every night gets repetitive after a while you try to add different elements such as dragons, but you have to face facts: the dream is never going to be as good as it was the first time you had it, because you know what to expect.

Option CBC: Night air, mermaid scale, the twinkle from a starYou have created a flying potion! Do you want to:

A) Fly North – You fly to the north pole, where you get cold so you land and ask an eskimo if they have a coat you can use. They take you into their igloo and sit you by their fire to warm you back up. The potion wears off while you are in there, so now you have no choice but to live with the eskimos in the igloo.

B) Fly South – You fly down to the south of France where you see a vineyard, as you are thirsty by now you fly down and start eating the grapes. The owner of the vineyard sees you and starts to shout at you. The owner says he won’t call the police if you work in the vineyard with him. Now you have a new job.

C) Fly West – You get halfway across the Atlantic Ocean before the flying potion wears off. A passing cruise ship picks you up and you get a job as one of the catering staff.

Option BCB: Dew from a spider’s web, brain of a starfish, Siren’s voice  You have created a Thornberry potion! You can now talk to animals for a limited time. Do you want to:

A) Talk to your cat – After talking to your cat for about five minutes you find out that your cat thinks you’re crazy and only stays with you for the food.

B) Talk to the neighbour’s dog – You ask the neighbour’s dog why it always insists on barking in the middle of the night when you’re trying to sleep. The dog tells you it is because of Barker’s comet – a comet that can only be seen by dogs and all dogs get so excited by seeing it that they start to bark, hence the name. You ask if maybe the dog could just whine a little bit so only your neighbour can hear him? The dog says he’ll try next time he sees the comet, but he might get too excited, but says he’ll apologise if he does.

C) Talk to the moth that’s been in your house for the last few days and tell it where the window is so it will leave – The moth says it knows where the open window is, but it doesn’t want to leave, it wants to be friends with you. You scream at the moth. It leaves through the open window.

Option ACA: Night air, brain of a starfish, the twinkle from a starYou have created a knowledge potion! Do you want to:

A) Become a detective – You use the knowledge potion to become the new Sherlock Holmes as you have the knowledge needed to figure out what happened at any crime scene. You start out as a Private Detective, but when the potion wears off you have eight open cases and no longer have the knowledge to solve them and have to use all your earnings on hiring another private detective to solve all your cases and pay him extra so he doesn’t tell anyone he solved them for you. You start up a partnership – them doing the detective work and you manage the accounts.

B) Become a contestant on as many quiz shows as you can – You win all the quiz shows and run out of places to put your trophies. Also you gain a lot of prize money which you spend on a trophy cabinet to put all those trophies in.

C) Use it to cheat on a test you’re having next week – Of course, it’s not really cheating if you have the knowledge in your head. You get 100% and everyone thinks you cheated but as they can’t prove it – the footage shows no evidence of cheating your 100% stays and pass the exam to become a ski instructor but when the potion wears off – you forget how to ski and how to teach how to ski and lose your job.