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Moving to New Zealand

Published July 17, 2015 by ElisaChristy


So, you may have already noticed this but just incase you hadn’t almost a month ago I moved to New Zealand from the UK. I will be living, working and travelling around here for a year before (possibly) moving back to the UK again.

The first thing you will notice on visiting New Zealand is that as it’s in the southern hemisphere, right now it is Winter. In fact whichever season you travel here in the weather will be the complete opposite from what you’re used to for that time of year. (unless of course you’re travelling from another country in the southern hemisphere) And New Zealand doesn’t have mild-practically-still-summer winters like Australia has, well the north does – in fact the further north you go the colder it gets which must mean that the Game of Thrones universe and the wall of ice at the top of the world must seem very odd to a New Zealander – however, since arriving I have decided I want to travel south and am slowly but surely, (I will probably get to the southernmost point of New Zealand about a day before I need to leave) and as in the south there are mountain ranges open for ski season right now (see told you it was a cold proper winter) then I was going to need to buy a coat. And thermals. And lots of other warm things I did not pack.

Having arrived on a group flight with many other people doing the same thing as me, we were all in Auckland for the first two weeks, staying here allowed us to sort out any administrative business we had such as getting a sim card for our phones, getting a bank account so we can work, figuring out what exactly we all wanted to do and where we wanted to go to do it.

Some people have since gone travelling on a tour bus, others have gone to Wellington to look for work and I have spent the last two weeks housesitting in a house where the mailbox is half a mile walk away. Seriously. It’s up a hill too. There are also 5 alpacas, 4 ducks, and there were 3 sheep but now there are 6 as two of the gave birth. I didn’t actually have to do anything, I just woke up one morning and there were 2 extra sheep in the field. Something I have learned while staying here is that sheep aren’t born with wool, and the three lambs are still growing their’s, this does make sense when you think about it but as a girl who has pretty much always lived in a city it wasn’t something I had ever thought about before.

I will be leaving this idyllic, albeit quiet, makeshift farm on Sunday when I will be making the journey to New Plymouth (it’s southwards so I’m going in the right direction) where I will be helping do up a hotel in exchange for food and accommodation. I am told the place has unlimited wi-fi and free use of mountain bikes. What more could I need?