12 Short Stories of Christmas 3: Three French Hens

Published December 14, 2015 by ElisaChristy

For day two click here.

“They speak French,” said Hayley as she scattered the bird seed. Her younger sister Alana looked at her skeptically but Hayley stood her ground.

“They do,” she said.

One of the hens squawked and Hayley pointed “See. I understood that,”

Her younger sister narrowed her eyes. “It doesn’t sound like the French I’ve heard,” she said dropping handfuls of seed onto the floor. The birds descended, squawking all the time.

Hayley sighed. “That’s because you’ve only learnt human French. Why would a hen know human French?”

“We didn’t get them in France though. They’re from that farmer in Devon,” persisted Alana.

“No, but they came from France originally,”

“How do you know that?”

“Because I asked them,” said Hayley, “And they told me. In Hen French.”

Hayley had finished scattering her bird seed and went back inside, brushing her hands on her clothes to get the seeds off them.

Alana did not believe that the hens spoke French, nor that her sister could understand them if they did. She was fairly certain her sister had been lying. Fairly certain. She had finished scattering her bird seed, she checked inside the bag just to make sure. There was nothing left. The hens crowded round her squawking for more. “Sorry, there is no more,” she said, turning the bag inside out and shaking it to prove it to them. Then just before she turned to go back inside the house, she checked and double checked her older sister was not watching and out of earshot. The she turned back to the hens and whispered “Au revoir,” as she closed the house door. Just to make sure.


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