12 Short Stories of Christmas 4: Four Calling Birds

Published December 15, 2015 by ElisaChristy

For day three click here.

It was too early for the birds to be singing. Sue put the pillow over her head and tried to ignore the sound.

“Don’t birds ever want a lie in?” she muttered.

The pillow didn’t work. The sheer volume of the bird song outside her window permeated through the fabric of the pillow.

Sue threw the pillow down to the end of the bed in disgust and sat up, listening to the bird song.It was quite beautiful, she admitted. Even in her state, it was quite beautiful.

Sue’s heart stopped for a second. They weren’t singing at all. Now she had thrown the pillow away, she could hear. The birds were calling his name.

Over and over, again and again, they called his name. As if they were mocking her.

Sue rose from the bed, went over to her window and opened it. A bird came to perch on the window ledge, head cocked on one side. It called his name and she batted it away in anger. The bird fell close to the ground, Sue peered out after it and thought it was going to hit the ground, but it unfurled it’s wings and swooped back up to it’s friends. The other birds fell silent for a moment, before they flew straight towards the open window where Sue stood. Calling his name all the while.


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