12 Short Stories of Christmas 6: Six Geese a Laying

Published December 17, 2015 by ElisaChristy

For day five click here.

£500 for the rent. £300 for the bills. At least £100 would have to be spent on food over the course of the month and he had wanted to buy some new shoes. These ones were so old his toes poked out the ends where they had disintegrated into nothing.

The goose started squawking from outside. He sighed. New shoes would have to wait. He had forgotten to factor in the money needed to feed the goose. He didn’t know why he didn’t sell it, it was probably a sentimental reason, though he spent most of his time complaining about the goose instead of being sentimental about it. He took the last bag of feed from by the door and clutching it in his hand he went outside. He dropped the bag of feed on the floor in his surprise. Next to the goose, so bright he had to shield his eyes, was a great big golden egg.

This was why he had never sold the goose!

He walked over and picked up the goose, dancing round the yard with the animal, who seemed less than amused and bit him on the arm, but he was too happy to care. Still smiling, he picked up the egg and went straight into town to buy his new shoes.

The next day, there was another one. This he used to pay off his debts, and his rent for the whole year.

The third day he bought a whole new wardrobe.

The fourth, a car.

The fifth he convinced his landlord to sell him the house, so he would never have to pay rent again.

The sixth day, convinced that his money troubles were over forever he quit his job, citing as reason that he had a goose that laid golden eggs, his co-workers thought him quite mad, but when he left on his desk the sixth egg the goose had laid that morning, they reconsidered their opinions.

On the seventh day, he went back outside into the garden to pick up the golden egg, but there was none. The goose was gone. There wasn’t even any feed left by the door to suggest the goose had ever been there.

And over the past six days he had not bought himself any food.


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